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LIFE Ricotí in FIO 2019 - International Birdwatching Fair

26 February 2019

Of the 22 al 24 February has taken place in Villareal de San Carlos (Cáceres), in the natural setting of the National Park Monfrague, International Fair ornithological tourism FIO 2019.

As in previous editions, ricotí the LIFE Project has been present at the event, presenting the broad outlines of what will be the future Ornithological Tourism Project to be developed in the south of the province of Soria.

At this fair national and international tour operators come together for birdwatching, tourism companies dedicated to ornithology and public institutions that promote nature tourism in its territory. With this assistance, ricotí the LIFE project aims to establish contacts with tour operators, companies and technicians to capture bird watching experiences facing the organization of ornithological tourism conference on the Provincial de Soria Medinaceli held in April next month.




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Ricotí Skylark conservation and habitat in Soria (Spain). LIFE15 NAT / ES / 000802

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