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The LIFE project Ricotí, present at the Fair II to repopulate the empty PRESURA Spain

14 November 2018

On the occasion of the celebration of the II Fair for restocking of Spain empty "Quickness", which took place in the capital Soria, during the days 9 al 11 of November, ricotí the LIFE project has participated as an exhibitor, presenting what will be the future Ornithological Tourism Program to be held in the territories that make up the scope of the LIFE program.

Throughout the weekend it was reported to show attendees on questions about the project in general, actions taken to date and projects to be undertaken until 2021.

At the same event it was also presented by the Provincial de Soria model mobile bird observatory, along with a fixed, they will be part of the equipment necessary for the implementation of the activity of bird watching in the southern province of Soria.

The observatory caused a sensation among those attending the fair for its novelty and its versatility when observing or photographing birds.




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