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The environmental education campaign "Ricotí que te ví!" it held its second edition during the month of April 2019.

3 June 2019

During last April and under the Life Project Ricotí, the Diputación Provincial of Soria as a partner of the project, he has carried out the second environmental education campaign designed to raise awareness among our youth natural and environmental values ​​Dupont's lark habitat and other steppe birds south of our province, as well as actions aimed at maintaining and preserving collected within the project LIFE Ricotí.

A total of 227 primary school and ESO Diego Lainez centers, Calasancio, CRA Tierras de Berlanga, Gaya Nuño and IES IES Ribera de Jalón have attended lectures in classrooms where they could learn the most important features of the Dupont's lark and his habitat, and revise and consolidate concepts biology, ecology and nature associated with the steppe habitat that predominates in the southern province of Soria.

There have also been field trips with telescope and binoculars to observe different species of birds in their natural habitat.




Bird watching Soria, It is coordinated by the Department of Development and Tourism of the project Excma. Diputación. Provincial de Soria.


Ricotí Skylark conservation and habitat in Soria (Spain). LIFE15 NAT / ES / 000802

Project funded by the European Union.

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