Reservoirs, lagoons and ponds

The southern province has numerous areas, either natural or artificial origin, where it is collected and stored water. these areas, most of them modified by man to water cattle, are important refuges for birds.

Many of the lakes and ponds that are located in the area were considered at one time, and even today, as unhealthy areas which could not be grown, so many of them were desiccated and disappeared.

Currently some endorheic gaps still remain in Barahona, Conquezuela the Medinaceli, they bring greenery and freshness to a steppe landscape and deforested.

Some of the most representative species of birds that can be seen in these wetlands would Mallard, Montagu's harrier, Western marsh harrier, Common kestrel, Common moorthen, Eurasian coot, Water rail, Great bustard, Little bustard, Stone-curlew, Black stork, Northern shoveler, Common crane, Northern lapwing or Ruff, among others.

Reservoir Monteagudo de las Vicarías, to ornithological level, it is the most important wetland in the province of Soria because it harbors numerous populations of ardeidae, ducks and another water birds both winter and summer.

There are many species of birds that can be seen in this reservoir and cite them all would be to add enough text to this little description. We recommend consulting route No. 16 "Embalse de Monteagudo de las Vicarías" where the species list appears most representative space.



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Tiermes – Montejo stream

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Monteagudo de las Vicarias reservoir

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